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6.6kW Solar System

Maximize your 'solar dollar' with a 6.6kW solar system, offering more bang for your buck and the potential to power your energy needs.

Getting started with a 6.6KW solar system

This solution is popular for a reason! With a wide range of applications, a 6.6KW solar panel and inverter solution is a powerful and affordable choice for solar energy in Australia.

Paragon Solar Power is proud to offer the best 6.6KW solar system that money can buy. We have access to the most advanced Tier 1 solar technology in the business, with high conversion efficiency and minimal maintenance required, giving you years of trouble-free use.

Our 6.6KW solar system offering is perfect for household usage.

Tier 1 Solar Panels

6,640W Of High Efficient Solar Panels -JINKO, TRINA, SUNPOWER, TW or JA

Solar Inverter

1 X 5KW Sungow, Growatt, Fronius, or Goodwe Inverter

Panel Mounting Kit

Clenergy Mounting Kits with 10+ years warranty

Expert Installation

CEC & SAA Accredited Solar Installers

What is a Tier 1 Solar System?

Solar power is broadly recognised as a simple and effective way to reduce your CO2 emissions and energy bills, but not all solar panel systems are equal. Some aren’t designed to cope with Australia’s heat, others don’t deliver comparable performance. A poorly performing system will limit your sustainability and financial return. The best way to protect your investment is to select high quality solar products designed for life in Australia.

Quality you can trust

Paragon Solar Power is 100% Australian owned and operated — and one of the country’s leading solar providers. We have offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Adelaide and service the entire nation with a large network of professional, qualified installers. Our 6.6KW solar panel system comes with a 25 year performance warranty, 10 year manufacturer’s warranty, and 5 year warranty on workmanship (including installation).

Save up to $2200 / year*

Due to various features, including the affordability, substantial size, and ease of installation, once it comes to connecting to the grid, 6.6kW solar systems are becoming increasingly popular among Australian homeowners.


Tier 1 Panels - 6.6 kw system


1 x 5 kw Solar Inverter


Panel Mounting Kit

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