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Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions constitute an agreement between Paragon Solar Power Pty Ltd, ACN 664 221 756. and customer named on this Quotation, for Paragon Solar Power Pty Ltd to supply and install a solar pv system (“System”) for the customer named on this Quotation. Paragon Solar Power Pty Ltd is licenced to use the Paragon Solar Power trademark. For the purposes of this agreement, Paragon Solar Power Pty Ltd is referred to as “Paragon Solar Power”/”we”/”us” and the customer named on this Quotation as “you” or “your”.

1. ACCEPTANCE : This agreement commences when you accept our offer set out in this quote, which you can do by either a) signing this quote and returning your signed quote to us by post or by email or b) by paying the Deposite Required and continuing to instruct us to arrange for the System to be installed.

2. YOU WARRANT THAT YOU : a) are at least 18 years of age; and b)either a registered property owner or you have been authorized by all registered owners to enter into this agreement; c) have read, understood and accepted the provisions contained in this agreement.

3. PAYMENT : a) Payments under this agreement can be made by Bpay, bank cheque, money order, debit card, credit card or direct deposit. b) The “Deposit Required” above must be paid in full at the same time as you accept our offer; c) You must pay Paragon Solar Power the “Balance Due (Inc. GST)” prior to installation.

4. REPOSSESSION AND COSTS : Notwithstanding clause 3, if payment is not received by Paragon Solar Power when due, Paragon Solar Power reserves the right to enter the Installation Address without notice and repossess the System and to seek from you all costs for the repossession, loss in value of the repossessed system, wasted costs including but not limited to handling, installation and disbursements.

5. REFUNDS : This agreement ends for any of the following reasons before we install a system at your premises, and we will refund all of the money you have paid under this agreement. a) within 10 days after accepting this agreement b) If we haven’t delivered and installed the system at your property within 6 weeks after the target date; c) if the price increase notice is given and you chose to end the agreement rather than accepts the price increase; and d) if the distributor refuses the grid connection application. Admin charge of $150 will apply.

6. GRID CONNECTION APPROVAL : Paragon Solar Power will apply for grid connection approval on your behalf as soon as we receive all of the required information from you. This agreement is subject to grid connection approval being granted. Quite often, the electricity distributor may impose an export control limit and in such case, we require your acknowledgement to proceed with installation. Installation target day may change due to delays in Grid Connection Approval, receiving the Export Control Acknowledgement from you or receiving any other information that we require from you in order to obtain the grid connection approval.

6A. LOSS Of FEED IN TARIFF : This clause applies to a customer who has a pre-existing solar system. The upgrade of your pre-existing solar system/panel add-on/complete replacement may significantly reduce the current Feed-in-Tariff being received from the retailer for generation by your pre-existing solar system. You should discuss this loss with your retailer to ascertain the new Feed-in-Tariff. The reduced rates may impact on your return on investment/Expected Payback period. In no circumstance will Paragon Solar Power be liable for any loss of your feed in tariff as a result of Paragon Solar Power carrying out an upgrade/panel add-on/complete replacement of your pre-existing solar system.

7. DELIVERY AND INSTALLATION : 1) Paragon Solar Power will make every reasonable effort to ensure that your System is delivered and installed on the agreed date provided condition 1 met. 2) You agree that the agreed date is only a target date and not a strict deadline and Paragon Solar Power will not be liable to you if we fail to deliver and install the System at the Installation Address by the agreed date. 3) Subject to the provisions in this Agreement you may indicate your preference as to the location of the solar panels and inverter but you must do as soon as possible before the commencement of any work. 4) Installation is to take place in accordance with the design and specification provided by Paragon Solar Power unless circumstances that could not have been reasonably anticipated by Paragon Solar Power require a new design or specification which may result in a change in the Price. You or your representative must be present at the Premises for any site inspection and for the delivery and installation of the System.

8. METER : a) If the meter box is not compatible with connection requirement and requires rewiring, upgrade etc. then such costs are additional to the price quoted. The customer will be required to arrange for and pay for the additional wiring/upgrade (and other extra) work . b) Paragon Solar Power’s quote does not include additional costs in relation to the reconfiguration or change of your meter switchboard to Net/Solar meter as part of the Grid Connection Process which comes from your Electricity Distributor or Electricity Retailer. Paragon Solar Power is not liable for any compensation due to delay in relation to the reconfiguration or change of your meter to Net/Solar meter.

9. SITE ACCESS : The Purchaser grants to Paragon Solar Power permission, sufficient access or possession of the Site as is necessary to complete site inspections, delivery and the installation of the goods. Any failure to provide access or impede that access, such that the installation works cannot be conducted by Paragon Solar Power may result in a change in the Price.

10. BUILDING DEFECTS : a) You warrant that the building or location at the Installation Address is safe, free from defects including asbestos-free and fit for the purpose of installing the System. B) You acknowledge that Paragon Solar Power is not responsible for any damage to the System or your building howsoever so caused as a consequence of a defect or deficiency in your building or part thereof. C) Paragon Solar Power is not responsible or liable for diminished or inadequate performance or installation if your building contains brittle roof tiles, oxidised metal roof or meter boxes or poor roof supports. d) You must fix all such defects before Paragon Solar Power arranges for the installation of the System.

11. ACCREDITED INSTALLER : To ensure your system meets industry best practice and all relevant Australian Standards we contract a Clean Energy Council accredited independent licensed electrician (“Installer”) to install your system who is responsible for installing your system. We agree to provide you with details of your Installer prior to the commencement of any work upon request.

12. SYSTEM GUARANTEES : Providing that reasonable inspection of the goods has not resulted in the detection of any defect in the goods and subject to subclause 12.B hereof, liability for breach of any conditions or warranty implied by the Australian Consumer Law is limited to any of the following as determined by Paragon Solar Power: (i) the replacement of the goods or the supply of equivalent goods; (ii) the repair of the goods.

12A. The only conditions and warranties which are binding on Paragon Solar Power in respect of the stated, quality, capability or condition of the goods or whether they are suitable, adequate or appropriate for the purpose or purposes for which they are purchased or anything else in relation to the goods are those provisions which cannot be excluded under any Federal or State law relating to the sale or supply of goods

12B. The foregoing warranty does not apply to the System if: (i) the System has been modified by any party other than us, or without our prior written consent; (ii) the System has been improperly installed by you or installed by anyone other than a Clean Energy Council accredited independent licensed electrician; or (iii) an Outstanding Amount remains unpaid for 10 days or more.

12C. For the avoidance of doubt, when an Outstanding Amount remains unpaid to Paragon Solar Power then all callouts for maintenance, service and repairs remain suspended until the Outstanding Amount is received in full by Paragon Solar Power.

12D. Although these other guarantees and warranties may not cover labour costs, travel costs and delivery costs arising from a claim under these other guarantees and warranties. We will notify you if this is the case and tell you the costs payable. The costs will be payable in advance.

12E. Paragon Solar Power offers a system warranty of 1+9 years or as agreed in this agreement, Solar components manufacturer’s warranty applies as per manufacturer’s warranty terms.

12F. During the warranty Period, we will provide reasonable assistance to you in making any guarantee or warranty claim against the manufacturer of the System, including by acting as your liaison with the manufacturer.

13. MAKING A COMPLAINT : If you have a complaint relating to the System, its installation or this agreement generally, you can make a complaint to us by: (a) calling us on our telephone number as set out in the Quote; or (b) giving us written notice of this, by post or email.

14. PRIVACY : We will comply with all relevant privacy legislation in relation to your personal information.

15. SMALL SCALE TECHNOLOGY CERTIFICATES (STCs) : a)The Purchaser assigns all rights create STCs to Paragon Solar Power and authorizes Paragon Solar Power to create, apply and retain STCs and all financial benefits or value attributable to them. b) The Purchaser acknowledges and agrees that the installation portion of the Price on the Order Confirmation has been calculated on the basis that STCs will be approved by the Australian Government Clean Energy Regulator. If for any reason Paragon Solar Power determines that the STCs are not, or will not be, available to Paragon Solar Power as anticipated by Paragon Solar Power when calculating the Price, or if you refuse to sign the STC paperwork (ie Solar PV STC Assignment Form), then you agree to pay an additional amount to reflect the value of such benefits that are not, or will not, be available to Paragon Solar Power.

16. FACTSHEET : The contents and terms expressed within the Paragon Solar Power Factsheet, a copy which has been provided to you, apply to these terms and conditions.

17. COUNTERPARTS : This Agreement may be executed in any number of counterparts. Such counterparts, taken together, will be deemed to constitute the one Agreement.

18. Promotions : You will only be eligible for the Google Nest Hub (2nd gen) as part of Paragon Solar Power’s Black Friday Offer if all of the following conditions have been met:

18.1. You purchase a solar PV system from Paragon Solar Power from 3pm (AEST) on 23 November 2022 until 6pm (AEST) on Friday 25 November 2022; and

18.2. You pay Paragon Solar Power in full for the solar PV system and there is no outstanding balance on your contract; and

18.3. Paragon Solar Power installs the solar PV system for you at your premises; and

18.4. Paragon Solar Power is able to claim and create the STCs (small-scale technology certificates) for your solar PV system that you assign to Paragon Solar Power.

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