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12 Volt Solar Battery Price: Why You Should Get It?

Solar power is a booming technology most people use for multiple purposes. With small batteries, you can power your commercial systems. The most popular option for these systems is a 12 Volt battery. You might think about its pricing. So, in today’s article, we will learn about the 12 Volt Solar Battery price.

12 Volt Solar Battery Price:

The 12 volt Solar Battery price is not constant; it changes depending on many factors. However, you can get a 12 Volt Solar Battery for around 600 dollars. Some high-quality batteries go to 2K dollars. You have many options to choose the perfect battery. It’s your call to choose the perfect one that suits your purposes. 

The cost of a 12V solar battery varies depending on the type and capacity. For example, a 12V lead-acid battery may cost around 150$, while a 12V lithium-ion battery, which is around four times more expensive, could be priced at approximately 600$.

12 Volt Solar Battery Prices (Different Brands)

As I told you in the above section, the prices differ from brand to brand. Here are some popular 12V solar battery options:

12 Volt Solar Battery Price

VoltX 12V 200Ah Pro Lithium Premium

This is one of the best 12v solar batteries available in Australian. It has a rated capacity of 200Ah. It is also approved by IEC 62619. Apart from that, you will get a five years warranty. You can use it without rewiring systems, which can be a great upgrade over old batteries. 

VoltX 12V 300Ah Pro Lithium LiFePO4 Battery

Another great 12V battery from VoltX. This one is slightly costlier than the other one, but it comes with a 300Ah rated capacity. It also has the approval of IEC 62619 and 5 years warranty. You can purchase it online for just 1699$.

Giant 12V 100AH Lithium Battery

If your budget is tight, this 12V battery from Giant is the best option for you. It only costs 600 bucks to your pocket. It has a 100Ah rated capacity and can be used with a 1200W inverter. It also has a five-year warranty.

Features and Specifications of 12V Solar Batteries

A 12V solar battery is a versatile battery option for many applications. It is normally used for commercial tasks.

Design and Build

The 12V Lead-acid battery is tubular shaped. These batteries have a leak-proof body and don’t need maintenance. Their portability allows them to be conveniently carried anywhere.

Technical Specifications

Here are some notable specifications of a 12V solar battery:

– Voltage Per Unit: 12 V

– Nominal Capacity: 150Ah at a 10-hour rate to an End of Discharge (EOD) of 1.8V per cell at 25°C

– Maximum Discharge Current: 1500A for 5 seconds

– Recommended Maximum Charging Current: 45A

– End of Discharge Voltage: Ranges from 10.5V to 10.8V

– Optimal Operating Temperature Range: 25°C ± 5°C

The 12V solar battery provides a continuous current of 15A over a full discharge period of 10 hours. Usually, this battery’s end-of-discharge voltage is 10.8V at 25°C.

Pros Of 12V Solar Battery:

No Maintenance: This battery comes with leak-free technology, so you don’t need to worry about maintenance. 

Cost Effective: 12V batteries have a low self-discharge rate, making them cost-effective compared to other solar batteries.

Versatility: These batteries can be used for various purposes, especially in smaller solar installations like boats and off-grid cabins.

Easy Portability: You can carry them anywhere because of their portability.

These pros make the 12V battery popular for many looking to store solar energy efficiently.


Q: What is the full charge of a 12V battery?

A: A fully charged 12V battery has a voltage reading between 12.4 to 12.8 volts. A reading above 12.9 volts means an overcharged state.

Q: How long does a 12V battery last?

A: The lifespan of a 12V battery is between three to five years. Weather conditions, driving habits, battery quality, and electrical accessory usage influence this duration.

Q: How many hours should a 12V battery charge?

A: Generally, it takes about 12-16 hours to fully charge a 12V battery. However, this varies based on the specific battery and charger used.


Solar batteries are the main component of current solar systems. A 12V battery is a great choice for commercial purposes. The 12 volt Solar Battery price depends on the battery’s quality and type. An average battery price ranges from 100$ to 1500$ for a high-end battery. It’s your call to choose the best for you. However, we provide fully made solar systems with free installation. Contact us and get yourself a premium solar system for your home.

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