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All You Need To Know About Queensland Government’s Battery Booster Program

With rising concerns about the global climate, people are moving towards sustainable energy sources for consumption needs. Governments across the globe, and in Australia, are actively promoting the adoption of renewable energy sources like solar energy for domestic and commercial purposes. 

While there are numerous initiatives led and promoted by the government, a notable one is the Battery Booster Program by the Queensland Government in Australia. The primary agenda of this program is to offer rebates to homeowners who are installing home battery systems for their domestic energy needs. 

In the next part of this blog, we will discuss this Battery Booster Program in detail. It will help you understand the specifics and the benefits you can enjoy if you are installing a home battery system in Queensland, Australia. So, if you want to switch to solar energy for your home’s energy needs, savings on electricity bills are not the only thing you are going to enjoy. 

What Is The Battery Booster Program? 

Under this program, any eligible homeowner will get rebates which will offset the upfront cost of purchase and installation of home battery systems. This is applicable for new home battery systems that are going to be used with a new or existing solar PV system.

The best thing about this Battery Booster Program is that it is open now and it will continue to be open until all funding for the program is exhausted. However, certain conditions must be followed to enjoy the benefits of this program. Let us know what they are. 

Eligibility Criteria And Conditions

Here are the key criteria and conditions that need to be followed to enjoy the benefits of the Battery Booster Program by the Queensland Government. 

  1. To begin with, any homeowner who wants to get the rebate under this program must apply for conditional approval before they apply for the rebate. 
  2. Along with that, the application must also include a detailed quote for an Approved Battery System. 
  3. This battery system must be from an Approved Installer or another retailer.
  4. It must also be noted that if any battery system is installed before the property owner gets the conditional approval letter, then it will render them ineligible for the rebate.

If you want to apply for conditional approval, then you will have to visit the link to the Battery Booster rebate for householders. By visiting this site, you can also find all relevant and related information about the program including its eligibility criteria as well. 

solar Battery

Approved Battery Systems: What To Know? 

Now, coming to the matter of Approved Battery Systems, the government has made a list to ensure that the battery systems deemed eligible in the program meet the relevant standards and are safe to use as well. To find out about this, you need to check the list of Approved Battery Systems provided by the government. 

There are certain technical criteria which are based on the approved products list of the Clean Energy Council. Additional features may also include: 

  • Being virtual power plant ready
  • Compatibility of batteries and inverters
  • Other security standards
  • Some Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) may not need a compatible inverter.

It must also be mentioned that all batteries on this list of approved battery systems have a capacity of 6 kilowatt hours (kWh) or more. During the life of the program, the list may also be updated with more battery systems. You can easily search the list by entering your preferred brand name first, or even the full model name.

Another key factor to remember here is the fact that if the inverter and the installed battery are not listed during installation, the system will be deemed ineligible for the rebate. It must also be remembered that battery manufacturers do not need to apply to the government for their products to be included on this list. This is because the list is compiled independently by the Department of Energy And Climate from other industry and government sources. 

Approved Installers List: Complete Details

To ensure safety and to enforce the regulatory guidelines, the Battery Booster Program also has an Approved Installers List. To be an installer on this list, one must meet the minimum licensing and training requirements. Applicants for this program must be aware that to be eligible for the rebate, you must choose an installer who is on this list at the time of installation. 

Businesses must also know that they can apply to be included on the Approved Installer list at any time during the life of the program. It must also be mentioned that approved installers can be removed from the list. They will then be placed on the Removed Installers List. This will happen when the installations by such installers are found to be sub-standard repeatedly or unsafe. It can also happen if the electrician license or accreditation of the installer expires. Both lists are constantly updated during the life of the program.

Ending Note

Switching to renewable energy sources is a necessity in today’s time. With rising pollution and concerns over the global climate, more and more people are shifting towards sustainable energy sources like solar energy. This Battery Booster Program is designed and planned to encourage homeowners to adopt renewable energy sources for their domestic consumption needs. 

This is one of the most significant steps taken by the government and the Department of Energy and Climate is working proactively to ensure more and more battery systems are installed across Queensland. You can easily enjoy this rebate by keeping in mind the above points and factors. You can visit the given links for relevant information on the program, its eligibility criteria as well as the Approved Battery Systems and Approved Installers List. 

For further information and any other queries, you can also call the Department of Energy And Climate on 13 QGOV (13 74 68. 

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